Erantel Electronics is a dynamic representative organization, dedicated to present the Israeli Hi-Tech industry with the world’s best Testing Instruments, Electronic Subsystems and Components.


Erantel Electronics supports a variety of customers: Commercial, Military and Government Institutions, providing solutions for EMC, Telecommunication, Wireless Communication, Medical Electronics, Networking and Fiber Optics.

From a single component level up to a complete system solution, including R&D design consultant services.


We differentiate ourselves with high level Technical Support, Consulting and After Sales Support – Complete with a modern service laboratory.


Erantel Electronics offers its customers excellent distribution and logistic services, supported by our local warehouse for stock.




Amplifiers, Antennas, Field Strength Meters, Transient Generators,

Fiber Optic Links, LISNs, CDNs, Simulation and Analysis Software…

Hypot, Ground Bond, Line Leakage and Insulation Resistance testers.



Amplifiers and Amplifier Modules, Isolation Chambers, Antennas, Pre Amplifiers,

Transmitters, Receivers, Wireless test equipment.

RF Cable Assemblies, Bulk Cable and RF/MW connectors.

Filters, Clock Oscillatrs, Quartz Crystals.



xDSL, LAN and Switch Mode Power Transformers, Inductors,

Commom Mode Chokes… 



F.O. Transceivers and components for Commercial use and for Harsh Environment.

Switches, Attenuators, WDM, Filters, Isolators, Detectors, Couplers…

Test & Measurement.















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Solid-State Broadband RF Power Amplifiers from the Isle of Wight.


10kHz to 6GHz with power levels up to 2.5kW.

RF/MW Robust, Air Cooled, Class A Amplifiers for use in:

EMC, Military, Industrial and Medical Applications.


Class A amplifiers for ultimate low distortion and adverse load tolerance.

Vectawave Amplifiers are 100% mismatch tolerant

No foldback or shutdown with high reflection!


Vectawave Broadband Power

Vectawave VBA 250-800.jpg


















High Power Solutions with high reliability and ruggedness for Shipboard,

Ground-Based and Airborne environments.


TWT Amplifiers, 1-50GHz, up to 1KW CW and 15KW Pulse.

MPM - Microwave Power Modules, 2-40GHz, up to 400W CW and 2KW Pulse.

High Voltage Power Supplies.


For Radar, EW, ECM, Data Links, EMI/EMC Tests.


dB Control






















The largest range of impulse test equipment up to 100kA and 100kV.


A worldwide leader of transient test systems.

Instruments and Accessories for Conducted Immunity Tests (ESD, EFT/Burst, Surge, 10/700 Surge, Switching Transients, DOW and Ring Wave, Power Fail,

Dips, Interruptions and Variations, Harmonic and Flicker Analysis…).


Coverring the following markets: Avionics, Military, Electric Vehicle,

Telecom, Commercial, CE Mark, Medical Electronics, IT Electronics,

RF Test and Measurement, Protective Devices and Components.





















Ikonix USA provides test and measurement products and educational services to manufacturers around the globe.

By three leading brands, we help manufacturers keep their employees and customers safe from the dangers of electricity.











Instruments for Electrical Safety Compliance.


High Voltage Dielectric Withstand Analyzers,  Hypots, Ground Bond Testers,

Line Leakage Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers and Switching Matrixes.





















Safe, reliable and inexpensive Instruments for Electrical Safety testing.


Hipot, Ground Bond, Insulation Resistance and Line Leakage Testers.


Slaughter Company, Inc.




















AC power sources for a variety of T&M, Avionics,

Manufacturing and Military applications...


AC Power Sources, 500VA - 18KVA,

1Ø/3Ø output configurations.

40 – 1,000Hz output, Optional DC Output.


APT - Power to the Customer




















World leader in the field of precision, four-quadrant, industrial amplifiers DC-1MHz.


Used for: MRI/NMR, EMC testing, Energy/Protection Relay testing and Research Industries.

Systems for Automotive, Mil-Std 461 and DO-160 testing.


Precision Industrial Amplifiers


















Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation



Industry-leading line of Test & Measurement Instrumentation.


Pulse and Delay Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generators,

Test & Measurement Instrumentation.


Precision Instrumentation since 1963…



















A global leader in the design and manufacture of connectors, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and custom interconnect solutions.  


















A comprehensive line of RF connectors for a wide range of applications within the Broadcast, Military (QPL), Aerospace, Commercial Air and Telecommunications markets.


Includes 75 Ohm BNC, Tri-Loc®, DIN 1.0/2.3, and Video Patching for Broadcast, as well as SMA, BNC, TNC, N, C, SC, TRB, and TRT connectors for triaxial cables for multiple markets.

High voltage connectors including MHV, SHV, 10KV and 20KV interfaces.

Subminiature BMA SMB, MCX, and MMCX connectors and interfaces for commercial applications.


Expanded Beam Fiber Optic inserts for: 38999 sizes 12 and 16

and for Arinc 404 size 16.


KINGS® RF Connectors

       BMA           MCX                MMCX           SMB            10 KV












A leader in the field of custom, high performance and high power RF interconnect solutions.

Patented quick-connect/disconnect high power products.


For Military/aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, medical and commercial industries.


TRU Experience. TRU Innovation.











Custom Microwave Coax cable Assemblies. Flexible, Conformable and Semi-Rigid.   


Microwave test and measurement, defense, aerospace, medical imaging and wireless communications applications.



PolyIron Microwave Absorber

Used to isolate unwanted EMI, Crosstalk or high frequency Interference by 'absorbing' emissions. 0.5MHz to 40GHz, attenuating up to 20dB or more.




















RF/Microwave connectors that feature exceptional low insertion loss,

low VSWR and low RF leakage.

S-Level and Hi-Rel Connectors


High Frequency Connectors: Super SMA, N, TNC, 2.92, 2.40, 1.85, SSMA.

End Launch Connectors, Adapters, Cable Connectors,

SSB High Density Interconnect Solutions.


Hi-Perfomance Microwave Connectors



















Frequency products for diverse applications ranging from Communications to Instrumentation.

For commercial, industrial and military applications.


Filters: LC, Crystal, Ceramic, SAW, RF & MW…

Clock Oscillators: Standard and Custom, SMD and TH (XO, VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO).

Quartz Crystals: 20KHz-400MHz, SMD and TH. 


Filtronetics Inc.


















A broad range of high performance fiber optical transceivers, Sub Modules and Ethernet Products. Components for LAN, WAN, SAN, Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs) and Access Networks.

Standard MSA, Digital Diagnostic, Bi Directional and CWDM in: SFF,SFP, GBIC and 1x9.















Fourté Design and Development, LLC





Design, Prototyping and Volume Manufacturing of SFP and XFP Cages, Housings and Release Mechanisms.


Providing mechanical solutions for:

SFP, SFP+, XENPAK, XFP and X2 Transceivers.


Fourté - turning ideas into reality  



















EMC Products:


Antennas – BiConical, LogPer, Horn, BALUN and Magnetic.

LISN’s – Mil-Std, CISPR-16 and ISO-7637.

Near Field and RF Probes.

EMI Receivers, Pre Amplifiers and Accessories.


Schwarzbeck Mess - Elektronik




















Fiber Optic Links for the EMC environment.


Shielded cameras.

Audio / Video Systems.

AFOM – Analog Fiber Optic Multi link.


Technologies and systems on electronics and optics




















Fit for Mobile Phone, Base Station, AP, Notebook, Wireless Phone…




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